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We create opportunity by giving people the power to purchase time and attention from key global decision makers.

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Decision Makers

Do you control or allocate resources? If so, join the Vintro network NOW and get paid to review innovation.

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High-Networth Individuals
Including the world's most prestigious family offices.
That operate some the world's most well-known brands.
Investment Firms
Pitch to top-tier VC, PE money managers at large!
Non-governmental Organizations
Make global impact with innovation by partnering with international organizations.
Social Impact Investors
Help alleviate all kinds of problems: ocean, education, and health.
Mass Affluent/Accredited Investors
Find many supportive people locally and work together.

Our Core Values


It’s all about the quality of your ideas and your ability to deliver, regardless of your connections, background or geo-location.


You don’t need to “know the right people” anymore. Whether you are looking for investment, adoption, or support, anyone can pitch for what they need via Vintro.


All you need is a personalized video. Reviewer learns about you quickly, in order to give the best feedback.


Vintro helps ideas grow and flourish by saving them from dying due to lack of resources. This growth will help improve quality of life for everyone.

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