New high-value revenue streams for Procurement Departments & Suppliers

Built with and used by F500 companies, Vintro Procurement is a trusted business partner for procurement and sales departments of all sizes.

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Explore what Vintro® Procurement can offer for Procurement Officers and Sales Executives:

Procurement Officers

Get paid for sharing what you’re looking to procure with potential suppliers, and hear pitches from them.

Find the best quality & prices

See the best deals from millions of D&B-screened suppliers globally that all want to fulfill each order you have.

Limit and filter

Easily exclude suppliers that don’t match your desired partner profile so only the right companies see your RFPs and procurement needs.

Monetize existing processes

Become a new revenue-generating center for your company, reducing your costs and enhancing your company’s profits.

Sales Executives

See real-time, relevant sales opportunities at no cost. Only pay when you have direct conversations with the right procurement officers.

Live to your inbox

Receive a live feed of relevant purchase needs from D&B-screened procurement departments into your inbox, at no cost.

Close more deals, faster

Conduct private one-on-one pitches with the right decision-makers from the companies looking to buy exactly what you sell.

Control your costs

Only pay when you pitch directly to procurement officers who seek what you supply. Pitch more, and waste less time & money on inefficient prospecting.

Vintro® Procurement’s mission is to facilitate efficient and lucrative business all around the world by connecting procurement officers and suppliers based on clearly defined needs. We’re always searching for the best new ways to do that.

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Vintro® Procurement connects you with the right contacts based on real-time procurement needs.

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