Vintro® allows you to know which companies are looking to buy what you sell.

Live, relevant purchasing needs from Procurement Departments—straight to your inbox, at no cost.

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Is your business registered with D&B? You’re automatically registered with Vintro® Procurement as an added benefit!

Have leads delivered to you. Quit wasting time and money on high-volume, low-return prospecting. Vintro® serves up willing buyers, ready to buy now.

Have RFPs and sales opportunities that are relevant to you sent directly to your inbox from procurement departments looking to buy what you sell. For free.
Cut the line and get 10-minutes of 1-1 face time for a small fee to pitch the decision-maker buying what you sell. Build new relationships & close more deals.
Waste less time and money prospecting: have the prospects you’re looking for sent directly to you, so you know where to sell to. Pitch more, for less.

How does it work?

Those who use Vintro® Procurement to find and seize new opportunities win market share.
Those who don’t, stay behind.


Register with Vintro® Procurement.
If your business is registered with D&B, Vintro® Procurement access is automatically enabled as an added benefit – you’ll recieve a stream of sales opportunities to your inbox, automatically.


Relevant RFPs from prospective clients and procurement departments are sent directly to you, for free. Vintro® is used by procurement departments of all sizes (up to $10b in annual spend) to find suppliers like you!


Get in front of the competition and directly pitch the right procurement officer handling the order with 10-minutes of 1-1 face time for a small fee. Don’t waste time talking to the wrong person or fighting for the meeting. Skip the line!


Congratulations – you strip out costly high-volume low-reward prospecting and close more deals by only getting in front of the right decision makers, at the right time!

What will you do with new prospects that want to buy products and services like yours?

Vintro® Procurement makes sure you never lose out on orders because a prospective client couldn’t find you or you didn’t generate the right leads when prospecting. Instead of costly high-volume low-reward methods of acquiring clients, Vintro® is precise, easy, and far less costly. Most importantly: there’s no effort required.
Sign up, and wait for hot leads to be sent to you — for free.

Free access to previously out-of-reach sales opportunities!

Getting started is designed to be extremely easy – done with just a few clicks.
Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vintro® Procurement free for sales executives?
Yes. Vintro® Procurement does not charge anything for receiving leads in your email. However, if you want to skip over your competitors and get ahead of your competition, you can pay a small fee to guarantee a meeting with the procurement officer or decision maker handling the order.
Does Vintro Procurement adhere to corporate governance policies?
Yes. Vintro Procurement is used by leading sales departments and procurement departments to discover new opportunities and build new relationships that usually wouldn’t be possible. Vintro Procurement is built to adhere to all corporate governance policies so you can benefit from new opportunities.
How can Vintro Procurement be used by multiple people on the same sales team?
Vintro Procurement accounts can be registered for everyone on a sales team individually, so everyone gets the same procurement information flow. Algorithms using data from the Dun & Bradstreet database determine which procurement needs are seen by which suppliers/sales departments, so only relevant procurement orders are seen at any time.
Where does Vintro Procurement get its procurement information from?
Vintro Procurement gets its procurement information uploaded regularly from procurement departments of the companies that use Vintro. Participating procurement departments use Vintro to easily solicit proposals from all qualifying suppliers in a more fair environment where the best suppliers can be found from a larger, more complete pool of potential suppliers.
How will I see new sales opportunities and where can I find them?
You’ll receive an email notification when a new sales opportunity becomes available. To ensure you see every new sale opportunity and don’t miss out while your peers get ahead, add Vintro Procurement’s email address that will be sent to you in your welcome email to your contact list so notifications never get sent to spam or get blocked by your email provider.