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Procurement Officer

What are the benefits of VPM for Procurement Officers?

Get paid for sharing your procurement needs with potential suppliers just as you do now and hearing pitches from the companies that want to fulfill your order. Efficiently access the world’s leading suppliers to find better quality, service and prices. Get paid for...

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How many suppliers does Vintro Procurement work with?

Yes. Vintro Procurement can be used simply and seamlessly by whole procurement teams to find the best suppliers for any RFP. Vintro Procurement is designed with executives, directors, managers, controllers, buyers, sourcing specialits, and analysts in mind, catering...

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Is Vintro Procurement free for procurement officers?

Yes. Vintro Procurement does not charge anything for helping you find the best offers to satisfy your procurement needs. Vintro Procurement takes a small fee from the revenue generated every time a sales executive pitches you through Vintro – the rest is passed to...

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Sales Executive

Is Vintro Procurement free for sales executives?

Vintro Procurement does not charge anything for receiving leads in your email. If you want to skip over your competitors and get ahead of your competition, you can pay a small fee to guarantee a meeting with the procurement officer or decision maker handling the...

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How are the companies selected that post on VPM?

Vintro is partnered with Dun & Bradstreet and uses their database of companies. All companies in the VPM have a DUNS number, which proves that they are a live business. The DUNS register is the most comprehensive and continually updated view of any company in the...

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How is VPM partnering with Dun and Bradstreet?

Dun & Bradstreet has partnered with VPM to help businesses of all sizes looking for new clients and procurement opportunities. Through VPM you have access to millions of Dun & Bradstreet suppliers offering innovative products and services to meet your needs.

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Are the opportunities on VPM industry specific?

Yes. We have industry specific data feeds so that procurement officers can share real time buying needs and suppliers can be assured that when they search for opportunities in a particular industry, these are targeted and specific.

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Is VPM easy to use?

We think so! We have a demonstration video of how to register and the process is simple and straightforward. You can also talk to one of our team to help you through the sign-up process. Once registered you’ll find the platform contains simple to navigate sections...

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How long are the meetings?

Each virtual meeting is expected to last 10 minutes, but if the conversation is going well there is always the option to extend the call at no additional cost.

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