The Vintro® Procurement Marketplace connects the right sellers to the right buyers, at the right time

Our mission is to facilitate efficient and lucrative business all around the world by connecting procurement officers and suppliers based on clearly defined needs. Every day we earn the trust of our users to do just that.

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Vintro® started by connecting entrepreneurs to high-profile business leaders and guaranteeing quality time set aside for those meetings.
We discovered that the main barrier to getting in front of a person in power is the risk of having time wasted, so we reduced that risk by making sure the right business leaders were being contacted for an opportunity, and then eliminated that risk completely by allowing people to pay to compensate for it, or do charitable work to earn it. Even if the meeting didn’t pan out, everyone came out better off.

Today, Vintro® applies the same economic logic to bring connections and clarity to the often murky world of corporate procurement.

They always said it was about ‘who you know’ as much as ‘what you know’. We didn’t think that was fair, so we fixed it.

Noor Sugrue

CEO, Vintro®


Noor Sugrue
Max Sugrue
Gary Yi
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Shawn Hilgart
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Veronica Grazer
Chief Marketing Officer

Advisory Board

Alastair Lukies CBE
Co-Chairman of ChaChing
Jean Oelwang
CEO of Virgin Unite
Mike Strautmanis
Executive Vice President of The Obama Foundation
Zahir Khoja
CEO of Wave Inc
Rosemary Leith
Multiple Board Positions, Fellow at Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society
Chairman of Ocado
Veronica Grazer
CMO of Vintro
Peter Littlewood
Emeritus Director of the Argonne National Laboratory
Patrick Porritt
Former Vice Chairman of Credit Suisse
Mark Kirk
Former Senator
James Caan
Founder of Hamilton Bradshaw
Jim Pitofsky
Managing Director of Strategic Alliances of the John Templeton Foundation

The right connections change everything.


  • Procurement teams can monetize by doing what they already do – and convert procurement operations from a pure cost center into a new source of revenue and profit.
  • Get paid for sharing your procurement needs with potential suppliers just as you do now and hearing pitches from the companies that want to fulfill your order.


  • Suppliers gain immediate access to the hottest and most pressing procurement needs, directly to inboxes, for free. See needs you didn’t know existed, without wasting time and money prospecting for leads, talking to the wrong person or being ignored.
  • Schedule calls easily, and only pay for face-to-face meetings with the right procurement decision makers.