Vintro® provides a previously out-of-reach monetization source for Procurement Departments.

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Have suppliers come to you—save time, money, and find the best deals in a competitive environment.
And earn new revenue while doing it.

Find the best quality & prices possible from millions of D&B-screened suppliers competing to fill your orders.
Exercise granular control over which types of companies you solicit proposals from, allowing you to get your RFPs in front of all the right suppliers – every time.
Generate new revenue for your company – reduce your costs and enhance profits.

How does it work?

Find the best vendors to fill your procurement needs by reaching more potential suppliers than ever before possible, and allow prospective vendors that are serious to compensate your company to listen to their 10-minute pitch.


Share real-time procurement needs. Create or upload your procurement needs or RFPs, and specify what kinds of suppliers can see them. Set a price per pitch, and share your scheduling options.


Relevant suppliers vying for your order look at your procurement needs and reach out to pitch for your order. Meet with them for just 10 minutes to listen and discuss – and get paid.


Select your preferred supplier. No commitments if a potential supplier didn’t fit your needs.


Congratulations! You found the best offer amongst all prospective vendors. Vintro’s Procurement Marketplace delivers precision matching so time and energy are optimized on both sides. Everyone wins!

How much money can your company earn back per RFP on Vintro’s Procurement Marketplace?

Vintro® recommends you set the price to pitch you for a given RFP at the square root of the order size. If the order size is $1 000 000, the price per 10-minute pitch should be $1 000.

We aim to recoup about 2% of our $10 billion annual spend by using Vintro’s Procurement Marketplace. That’s $200 million in additional revenue to our bottom line – $5 billion in additional market cap with our PE ratio. All while finding better deals in a competitive environment.

Chief Procurement Officer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vintro® Procurement free for procurement officers?
Yes. Vintro® Procurement does not charge anything for helping you find the best offers to satisfy your procurement needs. Vintro® Procurement takes a small fee from the revenue generated every time a sales executive pitches you through Vintro® – the rest is passed to your company.
Is Vintro® Procurement compliant with standard procurement/corporate governance policies?
Yes. Vintro® Procurement is compliant with all corporate governance regulations and is used by leading F500 companies and SMBs alike so everyone can improve collaboration, transparency, and predictability across their procurement pipelines – ultimately mitigating supply chain risks and enabling a diverse, compliant supply chain.
What information does Vintro® Procurement share with potential suppliers?
Vintro® Procurement shares the same information with suppliers that procurement departments usually do in the normal course of finding suppliers. This includes what is being procured, in what quantity, and other standard information. Nothing confidential is ever passed to a supplier or uploaded to Vintro® Procurement’s platform.
Can Vintro® Procurement help me procure from ESG-compliant suppliers?
Yes. Vintro® Procurement allows you to filter what types of companies can see your procurement needs/RFPs so only companies meeting your compliance standards (such as companies that meet your ESG or regulatory supplier criteria) can see your procurement needs and pitch to you.
How many suppliers does Vintro® Procurement work with?
Vintro® Procurement works with millions of suppliers globally in partnership with Dun & Bradstreet.
Is Vintro® Procurement designed to be used by whole procurement teams?
Yes. Vintro® Procurement can be used simply and seamlessly by whole procurement teams to find the best suppliers for any RFP. Vintro® Procurement is designed with executives, directors, managers, controllers, buyers, sourcing specialists, and analysts in mind, catering to all stakeholder needs. It’s easy to use and you don’t have to be tech-savvy.