What are the benefits of VPM for Procurement Officers?

  • Get paid for sharing your procurement needs with potential suppliers just as you do now and hearing pitches from the companies that want to fulfill your order.
  • Efficiently access the world’s leading suppliers to find better quality, service and prices.
  • Get paid for sharing your procurement needs and hearing pitches from potential new suppliers.
  • Create a significant revenue stream for your business by doing the same procurement you already do everyday.
  • Delight your CEO by becoming a revenue center that adds to your company’s profits and corresponding market value.
  • Set the price and time for prospective new suppliers to pitch to you to fulfill your procurement needs on a 10-minute video call (see Pricing Guide).
  • Control, limit and filter which type of companies you want to hear from to supply your business needs.
  • Help level the playing field by setting a zero price, and target sharing your procurement needs only with underrepresented groups.